History of Srinagar and its Shrines-Everything you need to know.

Srinagar is the summer capital of the disputed state Jammu and Kashmir. One part of kashmir is administered by Pakistan, another part is administered by China and the third part is administered by india.

 Those who don't know about the second part of Kashmir which is administered by China will be thinking how China has a part of kashmir. This part was actually administered by Pakistan with azad Kashmir but it was gifted to China due to the road connectivity to it with the rest of the Pakistan.

Now if you are here to know about the history of Srinagar, then let me tell you some basic key points of history of Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir.

• Srinagar was founded by Ashoka in 250 before birth of Jesus Christ.

• Chattabal qamerwari vier was known because of Bhairavi Temple there and qamerwari chowk was known As "Guzar " as its was end of srinagar municipality limit and tax collectors " guzarwaan " had its office there .

• Actual name of pandrethan is purandhisthana.

• Ashoka created another city near dalgate - parvapura.

•Bul Bul lankar nawakadal was actually langer ( community kitchen ) started by Ranchan Shah in the name of Sufi teacher Bul Bul Shah.

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• Aali Kadal area was created as saria by Allaudin in 1356 for travelers coming from Ladakh and baltistan.

• Sikander built khankah e moula, Zaina Kadal was built by his son Zainulabideen Known as Budshah.

• In 1481 mir shams ud din Iraqi came to Kashmir for the first time.

• Akbar occupied Kashmir on 5 June 1589 on the request of sheikh Sarfi.

• Aali masjid eid gah is actually Ali masjid which was built by governor of Aurangzeb in 1664.

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• Safa Kadal - actual name is Saif khan Kadal.

• Haft Chinar was built by Fazal khan.

• Holy hair Of Prophet Muhammad alihimusalam {pbuh}  was bought by a merchant Khawaja Nur Ud din ishbari ( nishaat)from Bijapur Karnataka.

• Amir khan constructed Ropa lank and Sona lank and Amira Kadal.

• Chattabal qamerwari and Maisuma was the main area of cholera outbreak which took life of 5781 people 150 years ago.

History of Srinagar, voice of kashmir

• Srinagar municipality was established in 1866.

• Pratab park was actually " ladies on Park.

• Street light were erected in Srinagar in 1921.

• Srinagar was extended area from chattabal vier on the north , sonwar to Rambagh in south .

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