Kashmir- A tale of Murder Of Trust

Let me be clear to all of you including those who unfortunately are the officials of Kashmir.

I have few things to mention before I come to the title;

1. Killing more than a million people of Kashmir just because they were asking for their rights.

2. Raping women aged between 12-65 in Kunan poshpora in 1991 and the number of raped women could more than 150, reported by human rights watch still beg for justice even many among them are in graves.

3. Mass disappearances in Kashmir valley, the once paradise turned into unidentified graves ranging between 4500-5000.

4. Fake encounters like "Pathribal and Machil" and brutal incidents like "Bijibehara sailan massacres" expose the grim reality of how the lives of Kashmiris are trapped in violence.

And these things still continues in Kashmir just because of you to remain in power.

Kashmir murder of trust

Summerising! I want to ask:

How do you try to make a nation (Kashmir) understand that the men in uniform, on whom you have pride are responsible for uncountable lives lost in the valley?

 How do you try to reason and find the logic behind fake encounters and mass rapes?

How do you find hope, when men who were supposed to protect, kill innocent people and are still roaming free?

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That is the "murder of trust" of kashmiris and you people are doing this murder sitting alternatively on the chair since decades.

Written By: Philosophus devero and S. Sajjid

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