Poem Fall Of Star before a cesecent-Dedicated to Kashmir

Come & see where we live.
Happiness here is a drop of dew.
Suffering for us is not new.
Uncountable pain for all not for few .

Alas!we lost another lion in war.
Martyrdom will not go in vain dear Sabzar.
Oppressed here will not stay calm.
Journey of struggle is in operatic form.

Panic tyranny can't be avoided.
We people are violently disturbed.
Oh Faizan & Saqib your martyrdom not neglected.
Your loss for us is not muted.

Reveric vilify rooted in general will.
Savage India still fails to kill.
Frenzy arrogance as you follow more.
Nurturing revenge by hearts are wore.

Facet of rivalry born in kids.
They were meant for play & bliss.
Cherishable time is now for incipient.
Childhood of joy ruined & shunt.

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Our lions are brave determined for aim.
Infinity braves here can't count the name.
Merged with sacrifices, not playing game.
Delights mashed for freedom not for bubble fame.

Poem Fall of star before crescent

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