Some Points you should know about Dsp Ayoub Pandit

First, What happened at Nowhatta is too hazy to form any clear opinion of it, Writes#MirHilal. I & some friends were 100 metres away from where the lynching happened and we have absolutely no idea of how it unfolded And, a friend whojoined us later and had seen the officer being dragged nakedsaid he tried asking people what had happened but got no clear answer.

So, what is the source of reports about lynching?
Second, Nowhatta police station and CRPF camp are about 250-300 metres away from Jamia Masjid. They are literally a stone's throw away from the crowd that had gathered at Nowhatta and forces from these two could just walk there incase of any situation. What was the need for deploying cops in civvies during a Holy night when the mosque and the area have the biggest gatherings by default? Especially, when charred remains of three young militants had been handed to their parents the previous day and emotions were running high.In the past, to justify kiliing of street protesters, police would say a shot had been fired from the crowd. Now imagine, if the shots fired by the deceased officer had been mistaken as firing from the crowd and retaliated with fire by the cops/crpf nearby, that too in the dark, there could have been more casualties.

The three youths who were injured in firing by the deceased dsp could as well be dead. Remember, the police first denied any knowledge of the incident.

DSP cop Ayoub Pandit lynched in Srinagar

 If an officer of the rank of dsp had been deployed and if his deployment was so important, police top brass must have been aware of it.Whether the killing of the dsp is condemnable or not is beside the point.

What we should ponder over is what a saffronised state aided by a heartless local clique is turning us into.

Human rights activist Mr. Khurram Parvaiz said: The killing of this policeman by mob is unfortunate. There should be a proper investigation into who instigated his killing and also what was his official role at the spot of his killing.

Generally, police personnel pray in the same Mosques with civilians and never have they been attacked by people, therefore it needs to be investigated, under what circumstances did this attack take place. It appears people apparently targetted a person who was suspiciously with a pistol, whose identity was unknown to people.

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Imagine if the person who was killed last night had turned out to be a militant, what would have been the reaction of people from all sides. I am sure Indian media would have celebrated this killing. Let us not do what they do and justify any killing. They are not our teachers.

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There are a few more questions

Is india playing a high level game with Kashmiris?

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There are a few points, which are quite considerable and those are :

 Zakir moosa earlier said that if anyone is willing to have a Kashmir with non Islamic sharia or non Islamic law, he must stay back or face us. But the point here is, is india taking the benefit of zakir's message and is trying to create a situation, so that people will hate hurriyat leaders or is india trying to find a way to kill hurriyat leaders .

So was the DSP analyzing the entrance and exit of JAMIA MASJID for the same moto?

Whatever it was, He was one among us and we all (including jk police) have to be aware about the policies and evil plans of India. They can play any game and we all know their favorite game is divide and rule.

From last two months we have lost many jk policemen in many ways and in different incidents. But the loss is totally ours.

This is just a point of view by Mir hilal and sajad Quadir .

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Also read our special article on : Attack of Humans on humanity 

Written by : Sajad Quadir and Tabish Kirmani.

Research and Analysis : Team Voice of Kashmir and rosenjoy.

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