Poem Plunged in Darkness-Dedicated to Kashmir


Unrelenting agony startles me.
Haggard through the pain of free.

To quench the thirst of our blood.
Brooks is filled with like a flood.

No one pay head for us
our flounder is taken as a fuss

Wish to subvert the politics here
They are human slaughterers & don't care.

They guile & delve at every moment.
we instigate for a different movement..

Trying to accentuate cruelty with proof.
We need our hope our peaceful roof.

The horde of oppressed surrounding everywhere.
Flame of heartening do we share.

Mournful melodies wondering in sky &plains.
Wrinkles of melancholy & tears in eyes.

Here & there where we run.
just to find the ray of sun.

The pain the blood makes us depressed.
why we all are so suppressed.

Written By : Naina Nusrat | Video By : Bhat Rihaan.

With The Support Of : Team Voice Of Kashmir & Rosenjoy.
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