What is the reality of Kashmir and what Indians think.

Most of the Indians think that Indian government is giving subsidy to Kashmiris and I watched a video which has gone viral on YouTube in which a person is saying that 60% of India's tax amount is spent on Jammu and Kashmir. Now let me ask you one thing, what do you know about Indian forces present in Kashmir? What do you know about the electricity which is been generated and used by India free of cost from Jammu and Kashmir? what Do you know about the tax which India is getting from Jammu and Kashmir?.

So let me tell you these three basic things and still, there are many aspects which you need to know before judging the people of Jammu and Kashmir and before making any comments on Jammu and Kashmir.

What reality of Kashmir is rosenjoy.co

       There are about 8 lakh army/crpf/BSF Persons present in the Jammu and Kashmir, which is nearly 70% of the total forces of India and it's true almost 60% of the total tax of India is spent on forces but if you still think you are spending 60% of India's total tax revenue to Kashmir, then you should withdraw your forces from there and even Kashmiris also want you to withdraw your forces.

 I have mentioned and explained all the things related to hurdles in the development of Asian countries among which money spent on security forces was also an issue. From past many years, Kashmir has not seen any development not because of unrest but because of some political goons as they can sell their families for political gains. Since 1948 Kashmir has seen tortures, killings and injustice so how can anyone expect the good behavior of Kashmiris towards the Indian forces. On this thing I had a debate with an Indian guy he said me all army men are not same and every defence person does not kill Kashmiris and I said yes you are right there might be 1-3% of security personnel who have not killed anyone or tortured anyone but we can't go with that 3% and we can't change the statement that army/crpf/BSF is killing/torturing Kashmiris . But he refused to accept this fact and I said do you think that 110000+ Kashmiris have been killed by a single security personnel and this is the international report.

             45% of the electricity distributed to North India is generated from Jammu and Kashmir (this report is based on the data of 2011 date may vary) and that's also free of costs under the NHPC agreement. But under that agreement about 8 power projects had to be handed over to state government till the date but none of them has been handed over to the State government and the revenue which NHPC has generated from them is nearly 19000 crores till the date and from there  are many other power generating plants which under NHPC legally according to the agreement,but you only see the one side of the coin, if India is only spending on Kashmir they why they don't want to leave Kashmir, think upon it.
India is not leaving Kashmir because India gets most of the revenue from Kashmir.

         Every state pays tax to the government of India and government of India uses that tax money to make some schemes/projects etc. And Jammu and Kashmir also pay a huge amount of tax and India makes some schemes for Jammu and Kashmir but maximum number of persons don't want those schemes but instead of those schemes/projects they want referendum and they want those promises made by government of India during the accession to be fulfilled by the government of India.

            If you want to make any comment on Kashmir issue or want to judge Kashmiris then you must know the ground reality and history of Kashmir during accession and then you are welcome to make any comment and discuss anything with our experts.

Written By: Philosophus De Vero & Parlina Ida
Research & Analysis By Team VOK  Voice Of Kashmir & Rosenjoy.
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