Burhan Still Alive in our Hearts & Memories By S.Sajjid

Now it has been more than one and half year to the death of young nationalist Burhan wani But his presence still hunting the Indian security grid across Kashmir .
Its recent example was the video that went viral on social media were Indian army was forcing and abusing young Kashmiri nationalist to rub the name of Burhan from the walls in south Kashmir .Comment section went full with pro Burhan and anti india sentiment after video gone viral on social media across Kashmir

Burhan Muzafar wani a young nationalist who changed the narrative of resistance movement  against New Delhi regime in Indian Controlled Kashmir by using social media  converting decades long unground guerilla war into open identity war .
Burhan joined militant ranks in 2010 when he was severally beaten and abused during frisking by India force.Later after serving 6 year in armed struggle he was killed in June 2016 in an encounter with Indian forces south of Kashmir.

Uprising of 2016 after the death of Burhan wani shaken up the New Delhi and gave birth to non ended new generation armed rebels across Kashmir.one can easily imagine love and affection towards wani written on walls and shatters of shops in every corner of Kashmir

Indiamay get successful to remove the name of Burhan from wall and shop shatters across Kashmir but how could they remove it from heart of Kashmir's people especially from memories of young Kashmiri nationals.
Indian Govermet rigid attitude to involve more and more forces presence and abusing  civilians by their forces on daily base's has shrunken political space & has created  trust  issues of common Kashmir in New Delhi regime thus giving birth to new Burhans in every street and corners with increasing number of young Kashmir nationalist picking arms on daily base's in ndian Controlled KasKashmir
Watch the video in by clicking link below

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