Revolution, Jihad and Terrorism.By Shazia Maqbool

Revolutions have occurred through human history and vary widely in terms of methods, duration and motivating ideology behind them. Their results include major changes in culture, economy and socio-political institutions usually in response to authoritarianism. Revolution is itself a result as it isa name given to change, an effort of transformation from negativity to positivity and revamping of existing structures.

Most often the term revolution denotes a change in social and political institutions. This change is lead by instances in which a state or a political regime is overthrown and thereby transformed by a popular movement. But the term is having it’s inclusive scope and can not be circumscribed by boundaries. The ideal behind overthrowing of some regime or complete end to a tyrrant system, has its deep roots that depends on the psychological perspectivewhich must accumulate within people who want change. Revolution by one way is an action of motionwhich generates current from a single belief and transmits it through the wire of passion. The necessary element for transformation is transmission of ideological beliefs based on natural justice that should be adopted by those who are drum beaters for common masses. Secondly, it can be said that each component of the human race is a revolutionary being but is dependent on others as a magnet to catch the current of revolution.
Never ever in history a single intellect can be credited for making a slight change in the then existing systems, rather it can be said that a spark turns into fire depending on the nature and circumstances around that spark. It denotes that the term, “We the People” (by which different constitutions of the world begin and most particularly the charter of United Nations Organisation) is having worth and power that can bring revolution, but precondition is active involvement and motion by each and every class of society. Freedom of a nation or change in a single individuals behaviour, attitude, physique and mentality is slave/subject to free will of the peoplebut it is pertinent to mention here that when the free will is explored it needs transmission and that leads to the revolution which is the ultimate end.
The motivating ideology that is used to fight against unreasonability, arbitrariness, unlawfulness, absolutism, authoritarianism, tyrannyand brutality must be a reflection of devotion towards humanity. The struggle within the sphere of devotion towards fellow beings and to save them from the unauthenticated socio-political institutions as well as human ideology is the conceptualisation of jihad. Jihad and revolution are inter- related terms used independently of each other. Both terms in actuality/reality are having a profound effect for upliftment of humanity as these terms are supplementary and complementaryto each other. My belief to defend or spread peace against all malice like unreasonability, tyranny, arbitrariness, brutality etc is jihad and it is in it a revolution, a state of action based on the basic principles of natural justice and confirmation of natural and humanitarian laws. Jihad is a revolutionary message and it’s execution or practical implementation begins at the time when one wants to change one self or the system, and it is he/she who is part of the system. Human being Asa component of society is bound to transform himself/herself(((بقول علامہ اقبال …ہاتھآ جایے مجھے میرا مقام اے ساقی…let my true place at last be mine, oh Saki))) irrespective of socio-political and religious differences and the outcome is dissemination of strong love and loyalty——What else is the Revolution?
There is a term called resentment which is indigenous in any human being. The organizationals Policies, structures and laws are the reasons when one shows disregard to the authority or any system.Showing of resentment against such policies, structures and laws is not terrorism but their enactment, creation or formation for fulfillment of ill-motives is terrorism. The term terrorism has been misunderstood and given a strict explanation….unfortunately my act of resentment is referred to as terrorism while as others act of intimidation by use of violence for achieving certain objectives is referred to as peace keeping. But it must be understood that by creation of systematic fear and then to put people in such a situation to either act or not act in a given direction is terrorism. My question to respected readers is that tell me if I am using force against people or a common individual to do what I want to by curbing his/her inalienable rights that do not depend on validity or acceptance by any authority… Is that Re volition… Is that Jihad… Is that Terrorism.

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