Rouf Khanday : Untold Story Behind Dialgam Anantnag Encounter in Indian controlled Kashmir By S.Sajjid

Celebrations turned into fear and anxiety as Hajira was applying Hena on hands of her daughter who supposed to get engaged on Sunday ,police party  knocked the door of Rouf Khanday's house in mid night .A  young Kashmiri nationalist recently turned armed Rebel.The cops asked mother of Rouf Hajira and father to accompany him and Convince their son to surrender who was trapped in encounter just 7Km from his house.
Hajira left home to convince his son surrender. But her hopes were shattered after she spoke to her son for half an hour inside the house he had been holed up. 21-year-old Rouf refused to surrender.
Hajira recalls "He told me that he did not join militancy to give up. I told him -- your sister is waiting with henna on her hands. He said, she has her own way and I have chosen mine," said Hajira.It was the helplessness of a mother that moved the police officer heading the operation to tears.Police say for more than three hours they made every effort to convince Rouf to surrender but nothing worked, including appeals by his distraught mother.
I cried because I could understand the helplessness of the mother of a militant He may have chosen his own path but she has her love and affection for her child. I couldn't withstand it. It was too emotional," said Altaf Khan, Senior Superintendent of Police.

Rouf was trapped along with another militant inside the residential house at Dialgam village. While his accomplice agreed to surrender, Rouf, who carried a pistol and two grenades, refused to relent. He was killed after the two storey house was finally brought down with explosives.
People from the neighbourhood who have joined hands to rebuild the house have one question -- why did Rouf ignore his mother's appeal and choose death over life?60-year-old Hajira cannot forget the moment her militant son rejected her appeal to surrender and chose to die.
Rouf's father Bashir Ahmad Khanday says they are opposed to violence but his son changed his mind after he was arrested by the police during the 2016 unrest and spent 45 days in police custody.

Similar stories can b easily seen in  every streets and corner of Kashmir .As political space has shrinking in Kashmir as rigid attitude of New Delhi. This has given birth to new armed  conflict in valley by young Kashmiri nationalist's from recent years.
For Indian Kashmir( Attot Angh) integral part of Union and for Pakistan it is ( shah Ragh)breathing nerve but no one cares for general people of this Himalayan conflict zone  thus giving birth to hundreds of  Hajira and Rouf Ahmah by every new day passing . Meanwhile This cycle of violence and conflict has claimed more than lack of Kashmir lives  and also thousands Indian Armed personals  leaving behind thousand orphans windows and helpless Hajiras from both  Ends from last more than 3 decades in Indian controlled Kashmir.

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