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Voice of Kashmir is the voice of voiceless people of kashmir. Our sole motto is to share the truth and oppression of India on kashmiris to the whole world, for that purpose we usually target the international community by various means.

We also share the thoughts of the people as the peace is mandatory for any community. There can be peace in any community, if and only if the people are satisfied and have freedom. But in case of kashmir, it is totally different. Struggle of kashmir is not new, Kashmir has been witnessing indian autocracies over 30 years. More than one lakh (100000) perons have been killed because of the indian forces.

World doesn't recognize Kashmir so far but most of the countries does and Kashmir issue can be highlighted by taking some measures to spread it like wild fire and that is the moto of our team.

People of kashmir want freedom and peace but the politicians don't want to see peace, tgey want the promises and un resolutions to be implemented but not UN and nor india is willing to do so. Because by doing that india will loose Kashmir and They dont want to loose Kashmir. So they just want to control the Kashmir and it's people but people there don't want indian rule.

We are also on Facebook and we share our poems and news via our another website www.rosenjoy.co . You can also have a look at that website.

You might find some irrelevant contents on this website but those are totally meant for the purpose of international community and by doing that we drive some international readers to our website.

We don't provide all the information by ourselves. Information is usually provided by others and we just share that with the rest of the world. It can be said that we act as a third party.

There are selected authors in our team and every author has his/her specific work like author naina nusrat is for poems but every author checks the work done by any specific author. So that we can serve best according to our knowledge.
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